Braille Carbon Race Battery

race weight battery

I bet you thought that Mclaren's obsession with weight savings extended to the battery.


The factory bit from A123 Systems (WTF? who???) that was in my car is 21.0lbs.

Wow - aren't you as surprised as I was?

Maybe they are spec'd by the same guy that chose the standard "lightweight" cast wheels. (huh? cast aluminum wheels on a $250K car? - but I digress...)

Sweet Braille Super Duper B128L Li-ION Race Battery is only 8.8lbs and drops right in - save 12 pounds over the factory unit.

Why stop eating ice cream when you can do this instead?

I am not a dealer but all of these nice people are. Please order one from one of them like I did. Don't faint at the price, you will think they are a bargain compared to the OEM battery @ $2,565.00.

We DO make a nice little mount for it though.....

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B128L Features:
Alternator Safe and Efficient
Braille's exclusive technology allows the direct implementation of the high power lithium technology with Alternators and common charging systems. The B128L is the most popular model in the MicroLite line and currently used in every car in the DTM (Audi, BMW, Mercedes), SuperGT (Lexus, Nissan, Honda, Subaru) and Australian V8 Supercars (Holden, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes), along with P1, P2, DP and GT cars in endurance racing in the USA and abroad.

Micro Lite Features:
Carbon Composite Casings* with CNC Precision Cell Top Design
Contain Ultra-Lightweight Lithium-Ion Chemistries
Hand Selected and Built by a Braille Factory Technician in the USA
High Current Interconnects
Proprietary Sine-Wave Balancing
High Amp Brass Terminals

Physical Specifications:
Weight: 8.8lbs / 4kg
Length: 10" / 254mm V Width: 3.25" / 83mm V Height: 6.5" / 152mm
Polarity Right Side Positive

Voltage 12
Full Charge Voltage 13.8
Pulse Cranking Amps (PCA) 1482
Amp Hour (AH) 30
Lithium Amp Hour (LAH) 90
Life Cycle @ 10% DOD 5000

Lithium ION
Consumer Auto
Race Auto
Mclaren MP4-12C and 650S Garage & Forum Queens.

Ready to buy?

Now that you know everything you need to know about the Braille Carbon Race Battery why don’t you just buy one and experience the difference today!

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Q: Why did you pick this Braille Battery to replace your perfectly good OEM battery that was only 2 years old?
A: Because it's lighter and cooler.. and because A123 Systems was a Government Subsidized Rip Off.

Q: Is it really just 8.8lbs?
A: yes.

Q: Do all sorts of cool race teams use them??
A: yes.

Q: Will I be cool if I get one???
A: of course...

Q: How do I install this????
A: You might want to use our handy-dandy bracket.

Q: Will the OEM charger work with this??
A: According to one of the finest minds in tech support at Braille; (ie Gary) as they are the same type (Lithium-ION) the OEM charger ought to work just fine.. I guess I'll find out.

Ready to buy?

Now that you know everything you need to know about the Braille Carbon Race Battery why don’t you just buy one and experience the difference today!

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