THEBIGJ @ BIGJOHNSONRACING.COM has been answering questions regarding parts, service, and the mysteries of the universe in his old life as an NSXGOD via email since 1996. However, those days are now past and he is just a rapidly fading legend in his own mind.

Mark's fingers are worn out. He has answered the same questions so many times the wrinkles in his gray matter have flatlined and he can't even remember the questions he supposedly had the answers for. Not to mention the fact that most of of the answers he knew the questions for are not relevant anymore. Now that we (me myself and I) are starting over, you might look in the Library. Yes, I know, pretty weak. It will get better over time though as I discover more things to be able to pretend I know something useful about.

If the answer you seek is not contained within those pages, it will be soon, or might be here.. or in your owners manual. If you have in fact checked the more info pages on the part you are interested in or looked in the library for the install info you need, and really didn't see it, then go ahead, send me an email. I will ask the magic 8-Ball if it has the answer and get back to you.

To the left you will see what I really do in the morning starting at 6:00AM. It's not "plastics" anymore, it's covered calls.

If this doesn't make sense, then no amount of circular reasoning is going to help.

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