NEXT EVENT: Fling Fling 2014

What: random track day
Where: Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch
Pahrump, NV
When: Some day in the not too distant future
How much: $189.00
Registered: 0000000000000000000000000 of 0100001000010000100001000

Check back soon for the next event!

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  • Track Day HQ Hotel (Saddle West)
    Group rate: $68 standard $78 deluxe with Code M678911

    The Saddle West set us up with 15 rooms on May 6th

    STANDARD with 2 queens or 1 king - $68.00
    DELUXE (with your own pool?) - $78.00*

    Use the code M678911 or Big Johnson Racing
    to get the price. 1-800-433-3987

    *I'm not sure what you get for that extra $10 - I'm too cheap to find out.

  • Or you might want to check out the Best Western - they have a "free" buffet breakfast (Party animals may want to stay at the fabulous Nugget Hotel & Casino.
  • If everything else is full (or you want a little more action), you can always try Sheri's Ranch!

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Spring Mountain


The next event will be held on the WHATEVER TRACK LAYOUT WE CAN AFFORD, 3.5 to 6 miles of twisty exciting asphalt!. We will be running an OPEN TRACK format, with 8 hours of track time. SMMP Club members may join us so be on the lookout for low flying radicals (and perfect weather too)!

1 long day of fun at this sweet little track just might be too much for us all to handle, but why not try and see if you and your car have what it takes? I read somewhere that too much fun all at once can be wonderful!

Some pix of our previous track events from days gone by (ie Dali Racing) have been posted at the event hosting page [ here ].

Get all you can handle at the finest "Gentleman's Club" in Pahrump. See how long you can make your entry fee last (Does not include admission to the World's Largest Museum of Brothel Art!) The track opens at 8:00AM and we will have a driver's meeting at 8:30AM and then you can run from 9:00AM until your arms get tired.

This event is limited to 40 cars. ALL responsible drivers are welcome!

We might meet the night before at the bar in the Nugget as we all get there, but some of us will be trailering and that takes FOREVER.

Please RSVP to Mark Johnson ASAP. Registration in the links to the left!

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