Paid registrants listed below - don't be left out in the paddock watching, git er done!
  • Mark Johnson: BOOSTZILLA NSXSC
  • Thomas Pann: 2002 NSX-T
  • Kuni Matsudaira: 1998 NSX-T
  • Lance Davis: 1994 NSX
  • Regan Yu: 1991 NSX
  • Pablo De Los Rios: NSX
  • Cliff Bourland: 1998 NSX-T
  • Tom Mortensen: NSX
  • Si Tang: 1997 NSX-T
  • Jeff Schranz: NSX-T
  • Jim Cozollino: NSX Coupe
  • Bruce T Henderson: NSX Coupe
  • Your Name Here!
  • Your Name Here!
  • Karim Hussain: S2000
  • Jason Huthinson: S2000
  • Rio Ybay: S2000
  • Kam Urquhart: S2000
  • Your Name Here!
  • Peter Madnick Gen3
  • Your Name Here!
Cars that start with "P":
  • Your Name Here!
  • Richard Liddel: BMW 135
  • Kirk D Lachman: BMW M3
  • Your Name Here!
4WD's and Misc HOT WHEELS:
  • Trevor Johnson: GT-R
  • Anthony Cousineau: GT-R
  • Greg Strangis: GT-R
  • Terrence Adams: GT-R
  • Kiet Tran: EVO
  • Aaron Britt: Civic
  • Darin Ferraro: 370z Nismo
  • Chris Wong: EVO
  • Patrick Whittier: EVO
  • Jack Hart: 370z Nismo
  • Sam Nasr: 350z Nismo
  • Gonzalo Quiros: Miata
  • Julian Garcia: CRX
  • Bryan Sheldon: Corvette
  • David Stein: Something Ricy
  • Sal Banuelos: Something Ricy
  • Justin Lim: Something Ricy
  • The Fro: The Civic
  • B.J.: Something Ricy
  • Jason Pang: Looks like an Integra
  • Ed Castro: Something Ricy
  • Pablo Gonzales: Something Ricy
  • Your Name Here!
  • Gene
  • Martin Westman
  • Your Name Here!
TOTAL ENTRANTS: up to 40 - now that's more like it!!

The wait List:
  • Names held back to protect your identity





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