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Thank you for shopping at BIGJOHNSONRACING.COM. I truly appreciate your business since I need something to do. I get e-mails all the time about why I do not offer "club" discounts or wholesale accounts to the trade so here is the deal:

I strive to maintain the lowest pricing possible in accordance with the IRS requirement that businesses operate with a profit motive. This will usually result in the best prices that you will find available in our local corner of the universe's highly uncompetitive Mclaren aftermarket parts marketplace unless you are at an estate sale.

Dealer Pricing:

I get calls from other dealers all the time looking for me to raise my prices so that they can carry the products and sell them (or maybe their customers come in and ask them to squeeze me on the price - unclear). Either way, it is not happening. My suggestion that they get them anyhow and make their profit charging for installation or tag teaming the aftermarket parts install with normal service usually does not go over very well.

I will not inflate my "retail" prices to do more 3rd party volume, as that would ultimately not be good for the end cost to the consumer/customer. Remember that I am a customer too, and probably BIGJOHNSONRACING's biggest customer and I do not want to spend any more $ than I absolutely have to either.

Biters: [Will you give me a discount if....?]

Back when I was managing a Tech Hi-Fi this is what we used to call the customers that would chew on you for a better price even if they were already getting a great deal on a great system. I usually pointed out that since they had found their way in, that they could also find their way out. The same applies to shopping at BJR. Making "Mony" (love that movie) is not my sole motivation in life, well OK, it is on Mondays and Fridays during market hours.... and I'm not going to give this stuff away because you feel that you deserve special treatment for some reason. I have to make a certain level of profit, however small, to create the illusion that this is a for profit enterprise. You do want to see new parts every few years don't you? Of course you do. So do I.

"Life" Discounts

I offer the lowest prices that I can to all 12C and 650S owners; forum members or not - shop owners or not - all the time, and I am always looking for ways to improve the quality of the parts and lower the cost of the parts I offer.

"Life" Members

Just because you have managed to sign up for and post on one of the forums does not entitle you to a better deal than some other guy that does not and has never heard of them. Everyone is considered special @ BJR, especially me.


It's not going to happen.


I get these emails all the time:

"I'm having or going to a: (pick one or more)

car show
weekend drive
coffee meet


I'm building a car that I can't afford (pls see Sponsorship above) and I want something for free."

Rolling on the floor laughing


Shipping will vary from that posted on the product description tab if you live outside of the continental USA.

Thanks again for choosing Big Johnson Racing to help you have fun with your NSX! Please support our sponsor.

Mark Johnson, CEO, CFO, CPO, CSO, Clearly No MO.

Hey lawyers! Posted prices reflect a three percent cash discount.
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BJR products are competitively priced for maximum market penetration, consumer accessibility and to discourage other guys bothering to try and copy our stuff.

All of BJR's products are intended for off-road (racing) use only. The buyer assumes all responsibility for proper installation and use of products purchased from BJR. BJR warrants all products to be free of manufacturing defects for 30 days from purchase, and some items may have a longer warrantee. BJR does NOT warrant its products against damage from mishandling, improper installation, racing mishaps, or other incidents or accidents beyond the control of the manufacturer. [ if this wasn't enough then CLICK HERE ]

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