Things you'll need at the track

I have a list of "suggested things to bring" below:

It is a sunny day, and you are 20 miles from Death Valley, what do you need?

  1. Something to drink - we will have lots of ice tea and water and etc on the back of the truck provided for you by your entry fee - but if you need anything special (NO BEER PLEASE) bring it. If you get dehydrated you will become brain dead and that is a problem at 100mph.
  3. maybe a hat?
  4. Sunglasses.
  5. Wear light colored long sleeved cotton clothes as they breath better and everyone says you need them. (synthetic fabric is bad when it catches on fire from you driving so fast) If you have a driving suit - wear it, it makes you look cool, and dressing up is part of the fun.
  6. Glass cleaner and paper towels. Baby wipes work great for quick greasy finger cleanups trackside.
  7. Folding chairs - really - you need them, it is a long day, and your SO will appreciate the fact that you were thinking of their comfort. Remind them to bring a book - a thick one.
  8. A qt. of your favorite oil. If you need more than that maybe your car needs repair? (ok-ok this does not apply if it is a rotary :-) )
  9. A gallon of coolant.
  10. A torque wrench with the correct size socket for your lug nuts. (know where that key is?)
  11. Munchies for in between times. Lunch can seem far away if you get up really early to make it to the track on time and just have coffee for breakfast, (not recommended) low blood sugar leads to mistakes, mistakes lead to "incidents", incidents lead to sweeping crews.
  12. A blanket/packing pad to put all your stuff on.
  13. Maybe an EZ up type of thing to sit under? I have one but 40+ people can't fit under it.
  14. A digital camera so you can send me some pix after the event and be immortalized on the website forever.
  15. Go find your helmet!
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