You and Your Helmet

The below applies to your passender as well.

When choosing a helmet, determine what type of helmet your sanctioning body requires. SNELL rated helmets are rated differently for a reason. SNELL helmets are broken down into two classifications: "SA" for sports applications and "M" for Motorcycle.

All SA standard helmets are sold at an additional cost because they are designed for auto racing and must pass flammability and impact resistance tests that the M rated helmets do not require. Key differences between SA and M rated helmets (from the SNELL website) are:

    * SA standard requires flammability test while the M standard does not. * SA standard has rollbar impact test while M standard does not. * SA standard allows narrower visual field than M standard (Some SA helmets aren't street legal).

The 2006 helmet requirements for road racing by sanctioning body are:

  • SCCA - SA2000/SA2005
  • BMWCCA - SA2000/SA2005
  • NASA - SA2000/SA2005
  • PCA - SA2000/SA2005

Choose your helmet wisely ~ your head is not replaceable!

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