Directions to the track

  1. Start in San Diego (you L.A. guys don't have to go as far)
  2. Merge onto I-15 N. 237.89 miles, or so
  3. Take the CA-127/KELBAKER RD exit toward DEATH VALLEY. 0.27 miles
  4. Turn LEFT onto CA-127/KELBAKER RD. Continue to follow CA-127. 56.45 miles
  5. Turn RIGHT onto CA-178. 19.28 miles
  6. CA-178 becomes NV-372. 7.76 miles
  7. Turn RIGHT onto NV-160. 5.38 miles

Total Distance: 326.87 miles

See stolen maps below

The track address:

3601 South HWY 160
Pahrump, NV

The final few miles:


Take Blue Diamond Rd. west, which is Hwy 160, out of Las Vegas. Follow Hwy 160 through the mountains (a total of about 45 miles to the track, once on Hwy 160). Once you come into Nye County (down the last hill into the valley), we're just after Gamebird Rd on the right-hand side. (Watch for the "grove" of palm trees, and the line of billboards- both on the right, right before our entrance.) If you reach Wheeler Pass Rd. or the town of Pahrump, you've gone too far!


Get on the main road through town (Hwy 160) and head East towards Las Vegas. As you're coming out of town, there is a Mobil station on the left- we are approximately 3 miles from there, on the left hand side. Watch for the string of billboards on the left hand side, as well as Wheeler Pass Rd., as you're taking the downhill, right-sweeping curve. Our entrane is at the base of that small hill, on the left hand side. If you get to Red Rock Builders, or the speed limit changes to 70mph, you've gone too far!

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