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The track is the Spring Mountain Motor Sports park, click [ here ] for a large size layout photo.

The hotel we stay at is the Best Western or SaddleWest.

Remind them when you call that that you are there for the "Dali Racing Track Day" so that the negotiated discounted rates will apply to your bill as well as mine.

Schedule of Events

We will start the drivers meeting at 8:30am no matter who is changing who's tires for whom.(that includes me) If you need to do that expect to do it after the meeting or before the meeting or the night before. I only bring one Litening Jackand all are welcome to share it, but that means you gotta wait your turn - if you want your own - buy one, they are cheap at 2X the price or maybe you'll be lucky and win one in the raffle.


We ALL sign all the waivers, drink more coffee, tell lies about how fast we are or were last time and what is wrong with the car this time so you will not be that fast this time, pay your track fee, get your group sticker etc.


Drivers meeting: I will go over the flags or signal lights, the schedule, the passing RULES signals, the off road clean up procedure etc. Please bring your event handout.


The track is hot at 9:00.

"A" group drivers (experienced) will give the "B" group drivers (I need some help or have not been there before) a feel for the track. We will do this by driving them around for a few laps to show them the line in our cars. If some of you in Group A are brave enough and want to do the ride along thing with them in their cars - cool.

At ~ 2 min per lap you will get 10 laps in per session at least - if you don't, learn to go faster. My ITR was lapping at 2:04 and the faster NSX's were under 2.00, the really fast NSX's were under 1:55. If you think you need help going faster; spend money!! Remember the old saying: "Speed costs $ - how fast do you want to go?" and that applies to spending $ on instruction as well as more more more go faster parts.

The checkered flag will drop at 25min after and 5min till the hour for the cars on the track so they can take 1 cool down lap and still get off the track safely before the next group goes out. I will have an air horn there for the flag person to blast to notify the next group to line up in the hot pit lane.

12:30-1:30pm LUNCH & GAS BREAK


Track is hot - afternoon sessions start.


The party is over for the day - we clean up as we need to be out of there by 5:30pm.

General info:

The track gate will close at 1:30pm; be inside or wait for the next session to come across.

So far, the following people are coming...

Driving Groups

Group A:

These drivers have had experience at this track before and or other tracks before, know they have to be aware at all times of what might be on their rear bumper and are comfortable to be passed ANYWHERE on the track where it is deemed "safe to pass".

The Driver initiating the pass is the one that is responsible for determining if it is safe to pass and that there is PLENTY of room to do so SAFELY. If the driver ahead looks like they are in their own little world hit them A FEW TIMES with your high beams so they know what is happening. A little tap on the horn is OK too. If you don't get the signal to go - wait for the back straight and then get by, if that does not work - come in to the hot pit - count to 10 s-l-o-w-l-y and then go back out when you get the "clear to go" signal from the flag person.

Group B:

These drivers have NOT had experience at this track before and/or too many other tracks, and DO NOT want to have to be aware at all times of what night be on their rear bumper and are more comfortable not to have to be concerned about being passed ANYWHERE on the track except on the back straight.

That said - after you complete turn 7 and are pointed straight down the straightaway look to see if there is a car or 2 on your ass - if there is, hold your line, give the passing signal and let them pass you ON THE RIGHT by backing off the throttle just a little - DO NOT hit the brake or take you foot out of the gas all the way..

I'll see YOU in my mirrors.... :-)

PLEASE READ: Motorsports are dangerous. You may damage your car in this event. You may damage yourself in this event. This event is held without any guarantees, expressed or implied, that no damage will come to you or your vehicle by participating. No warranty or representation is made as to this event organizers ability to protect the drivers participating from any injury or death nor do they have any liability expressed or implied for any damage that may come to you or your vehicle by your participation in the event. The user assumes ALL risk by freely choosing to participate.

Mini Track FAQ:

Q: Why should I go?
A: Why not? - This is a great deal held on a great track with a bunch of great people!

Q: Can I share my car with another driver?
A: Yes, in two ways:
1) You BOTH pay 100%, and each run in a different group.
2) You both pay 50% and both drive in the SAME group alternating sessions.

Q: Why is this event not an NSXCA sponsored event?
A: Because we want to be able to fill the event and have some other cars there besides NSX's - variety is the spice of life!

Q: Do I need a Snell 95 helmet or will an old football/bicycle helmet or motorcycle helmet be OK?
A: It is your melon - what is it worth to you to be able to walk away if you have "an incident"?

Remember what Simpson (helmets) says on their website: WARNING: Motorsports are dangerous. This article is sold without warranty, expressed or implied. No warranty or representation is made as to this product's liability to protect the user from any injury or death. The user assumes that risk.

We recommend that put the best helmet that you can on your head. You must have a helmet.

Q: Do I really need to fill in the tech form and get my car inspected by a professional? That costs mo money
A: Is you life worth anything? Are OUR lives worth anything?? DOH! JUST DO IT.

Q: How far away from SD or LA is Pahrump?, MapQuest says it is 9.5 HOURS!
A: It took us 4.5 hours to come home to SD on Monday morning last time, and we stopped for gas 1X and to get Starbucks 1X - it might take longer on a Sunday night if there is lots of traffic coming back from Vegas.

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