Before proceeding further, please take this opportunity to read our terms and conditions of sales:

There will be a minimum of 50% deposit required on all special order items. All items that are not in stock are considered �special order� items. There will be no cancellations allowed once orders are placed. Customers will be responsible for 100% of the invoiced amount.

Bozz Performance will not be responsible for any type of shipping delay by the manufacturer and/or shipping company. Cancellations due to the prior mentioned reasons are not acceptable by Bozz Performance unless separate arrangements have already been made.

Items with a deposit must be paid in full and picked up/shipped out within 30 days from the date of invoice or deposit will be forfeited to Bozz Performance, unless prior arrangements have been made.

All modification of parts and labor are intended for off-road applications only and legal in California for racing vehicles and racing purposes only. Bozz Performance will not assume any liability in regards to these aspects of modification. Users will assume all cost and risks associated with these and other performance items and modifications. Please check with your state and local law enforcement agencies regarding the use of all parts and the legality of all parts.

All engine parts, lights, and light bulbs, and electrical items are sold as is without any warranty.

No warranty whatsoever will be valid if the defect was caused by customer abuse negligence, and mishandling. All merchandise sold by Bozz Performance is only subject to submission to the manufacturer for approval for repair or replacement of merchandise. The customer, however, will be responsible for the shipping and handling fee(s). Bozz Performance will also not be liable for any missfitments of any kind in regards to any parts and the vehicles. No labor or inconveniences may be included in any claims.

I hereby authorized the installation or repair work to be done along with the necessary materials. Bozz Performance and its employees or outside contractors may operate for purpose of testing or inspection.

Please note that once any customer has left the premises of Bozz Performance, Bozz Performance will not be liable for any of its installation warranty. Once the customer leaves the premises satisfied with the installation of any and all products, Bozz Performance will not be responsible for anything in relation to the vehicle or the vehicle�s owner.

Customer acknowledges that Bozz Performance will not be liable for any personal items missing for the vehicle while the vehicle is being serviced by Bozz Performance.

Refund Policy:

No cash refunds. Bozz Performance reserves the right to charge a 25% restocking fee on all purchased parts. All installed items and special ordered items are not refundable.

Schedule of Appointments:

Any missed scheduled appointments without prior notice is subjected to a minimum charge of $60.00 or the equivalent charge of labor to be performed on the vehicle, which ever charge is higher. Prior cancellation notice is to be made at least four hours ahead of scheduled time. No Exceptions.

Mail Order Policy:

All mail order customers are to adhere and abide by all of Bozz Performance�s store policy terms and conditions of the sale on the front and back of this invoice. Since the customer can not be present to sign the invoice, all verbal agreements via telephone as well as sales confirmation via Internet or mail will put this invoice in effect between Bozz Performance and the given customer.

Bozz Performance Disclosure of Liability in Shipping:

All parts, including body kit parts that are able to ship by UPS or any other courier services are at the customers own liability. Customers will be responsible for any damages that may occur to the product while in route to the location of delivery. All damage claims must be reported directly to the courier of delivery, not Bozz Performance (Bozz Performance does not ship damaged products). Bozz Performance will not be held responsible for any damages or claims due to the negligence of the courier, nor will Bozz Performance replace or credit any damaged products caused by the delivery of the courier. Please inspect all parts prior to signing for releases from the courier.

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