> In order to stay on your good side, would you mind filling me in on
> some of your do's and do not's.

it's pretty EZ:

1) Maintain in the forefront a sense of adventure/humor when asking me to
do something that you shouldn't do but that I might have agreed to try
and do anyway; there is a 90% chance the first try will not work out.

2) Remember that I cannot read and respond to e-mail when I am packing
boxes or shipping them or beating my suppliers for products or installing
parts or sleeping.

3) Keep in mind that you are NOT the only person that wants my attention
and forgets (or does not care) that there are 3,000 other McLaren owners
that want some of it too. I only have 2 hands and can only be split into
so many parts at any given time.

> The example you copied me was an obvious impatient, "I'm suppose to
> be first on your list" type person. But sometimes we are eager to get an
> order because of an up coming track event, or we would like to have the item
> installed before a planned trip.

that's fine - it is all in the delivery, and remembering the above, If
I'm not here or I'm helping someone else, then you will just have to wait
until I can get back to you, it is pretty simple. My suppliers do it to
me all the time.

> How do you prefer we request information on a delayed item without
> being a pain in your ass? Or any other helpful information that would make
> our order request a pleasant experience for both of us.

Good Customer:
" Hi Mark - any update on the status of the XXXXXX parts?"

Bad Customer:
"Where are my FUCKING PARTS YOU ASSHOLE???!?!?!?!?!?!"

> Your service has been impeccable and I would like to do what I can
> on my end to keep it that way.
> Thanks,
> Xxxxx X.

Most people do - but the few that don't also tend to take personally when
I tell them I'm not interested in their business anymore as the hassle
factor far outweighs the gain - especially at the margins I run.

I have priced my parts so that I don't make enough $ on anything to make
that sale "worth it" to put up with a pain in the ass just for the
financial gain.

The flip side of it is that if I have a few less customers, I have more
time to come up with cool new parts. If I am spending 8 hours a day doing
e-mail and 4 hours a day packing and shipping 7 days a week, when do I
get to do the R&D?
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